Orgone Breeze Charging Plate

3D printing has allowed me to make a breakthrough in Orgone technology!

The orgone active materials in this charging plate have been 3D printed into 21 pyramids that each have the same angles as the great pyramid in Egypt. Each pyramid is composed of three materials that are printed in a sequence of 17 layers. This shape and sequence of materials has been optimized for maximum power.

Perfectly suited for quickly charging your favorite beverage.

This shape has been chosen so that an average bottle of wine may be easily placed on top. The 3D printed flexible cover will help prevent the bottle from sliding off when placed on a nearly level surface. The cover is available in different colors. This cover can be removed for cleaning.

Please search Ebay for “Orgone Breeze”

This charging plate is 86mm (3.4 inches) diameter, including the flexible cover. The thickness is 12mm (.47 inches). The weight is 2.3 ounces.

As a lower cost alternative, I also sell the same pyramid array in a 3D printed case, rather than cast into resin:

This charging plate is 86mm (3.4 inches) diameter, including the flexible cover. The thickness is 12mm (.47 inches). The weight is 1.3 ounces.

Please note that this is a custom printed and hand made creation. There may be slight defects such as small bubbles or artifacts of the casting or printing process. The pictures are of a typical charging plate.

Please search Ebay for “Orgone Breeze”

If you would like to see how powerful this charging plate really is:

Please acquire two bottles containing the same beverage. Place one bottle on this charging plate and the other at least 3 feet away. Let them sit over-night. The beverage that was on the charging plate will be full of pleasant energy that will transfer to you as you drink it. Drinking this energized and structured beverage has been said to improve one's general health. Taste the difference between the two beverages. Let a friend taste each one and see if they can tell the difference.

Most people who place their hand over this charging plate will feel a coolness, warmth, or buzzing sensation. Sometimes one hand will feel coolness and the other hand will feel warmth.

For an experience that you probably have never had: hold the charging plate six inches away from your forehead with the tips of the pyramids facing towards you. Hold the Orgone Breeze with your thumb and forefinger on the edge so that none of your fingers are directly behind the Orgone Breeze. Continue holding it there for 30 seconds and then rotate the charging plate 90 degrees so that the tips of the pyramids point to your left or right. It is difficult to explain what happens in words, but you may find yourself turning the charging plate back towards your head pretty fast.

Use soap and water to clean, do not put into dishwasher. Do not use with boiling hot liquids, or leave in a hot car (the orgone breeze may change shape).

You may also use this charging plate to charge your favorite crystals and gem stones.

Please do not place this charging plate onto anything made of iron or steel. The materials used in this charging plate are compatible with other copper/aluminum/resin, or copper/silver/resin Orgone devices. This charging plate (and most other copper/aluminum/resin devices) is not compatible with iron based devices. Mixing the two types of devices (placing them both in your bedroom), or even having nails in the table that the copper/silver/resin Orgone device is placed on can cause undesirable moods or lack of sleep.

The material that the charging plate is placed on will have an effect on the quality of the energy.

The energy should feel cool and pure when your hand is placed over it (If you feel warmth, use your other hand). The best material to place the orgone breeze onto is natural stone. A marble or granite counter top is perfect. Stone with embedded quartz crystal is very good. Travertine, limestone and concrete (no rebar) are also pleasant. Ceramic tiles are usually fine unless there is iron in the clay that was used to make them. Wood is ok so long as there are no nails underneath the charging plate.